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Stoneline Cookware Specials - 9th Jul 2013

Stoneline 28cm Low Sided Pan - Special Offer This week Stoneline Australia have a number of Special Offers available to you via our website.

Our most popular family pan, the Stoneline 28cm Low Sided Pan, is currently on offer for just $119, SAVING YOU $20!!  Treat yourself to the low-sided pan today and look forward to delicious gourmet style cooking, every time you cook.  Whether your cooking eggs, bacon and sausage for breakfast, or a larger pasta dish for an evening meal, Stoneline cookware brings the fun back into cooking making your time in the kitchen much easier, faster and more energy efficient.

When cooking with Stoneline, a medium to low heat is required, and little to no oil is needed as NOTHING STICKS.  Not only will this make each meal much healthier, it also makes cleaning up much easier!  Simply let the pan cool, and wipe clean, it's that easy!

If you are on the look out for a larger pan to suit your needs, check out the Stoneline 32cm Paella Pan, also on offer for JUST $189!!  Perfect for cooking larger meals for the family or catering to guests, the Paella Pan is highly practical and versatile, a must have in every kitchen.  Enjoy a range of Asian dishes, or master a delicious Italian meal, the Paella Pan will carve any craving you may have.

Like ALL STONELINE PRODUCTS, the Paella Pan is suitable to ALL cook tops and is perfectly suitable for oven use.  It's short, bakelit handles are specially designed to sustain heat of up to 180 degrees celcius, and each provide for stable and easy handling.

With the colder evenings moving in, nothing beats going home to a delicious roast dinner after a hard day at the office.  Treat yourself, and your family, to the Stoneline 28cm Square Roaster today and make sure you have everything you need to keep you warm and cosy this winter.

The Stoneline 28cm Square Roaster is now on offer for just $189, SAVING YOU $30!!  The Stoneline roaster also comes with an Aroma Lid, designed to lock in all flavours and moisture during cooking.  The 28cm Square Roaster is the perfect size to cook meat and veg for a Sunday roast, there's even enough room to add a little wine for extra flavour.

No matter what the need may be, or what size of family your may have, Stoneline Australia has the perfect cookware for you!

For further information on Stoneline Cookware, please visit our FAQS page!


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