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Why is seasoning Stoneline Cookware important? - 17th Feb 2014

Why is seasoning Stoneline Cookware important? The original Stoneline Cookware has stone throughout the surface and makes the surface much harder then your standard non-stick cookware. Plus this gives you the added benefit of cooking on natural hot stone.

Due to the natural stone in original Stoneline Cookware it is important to properly season the cookware. It is as simple as wiping a small amount of high temperature oil over the surface with a paper towel. That small amount of oil absorbs into the natural stone and aides in the non-stick process. No need to heat the cookware up first, or soak it in oil, etc, simply season when cold and it is all done.

Why high temperature oil? Wouldn't any oil do the job?

We recommend high temperature oil (Rice Bran, Grape Seed, or Avocado) for two reasons. First all original Stoneline Cookware is a great conductor of heat. A medium setting on a gas or induction cooktop will result in the surface of Stoneline getting up to 240 degrees Celsius quickly. Low temperature oils (generic salad & cooking oils, butter, Olive Oil) all start to burn between 160 - 180 degrees Celsius. The last thing you want is to be burning oil or burning food in your cookware where you end up with those little black bits of burnt oil all over your food.

Secondly a high temperature oil ensures you can get your original Stoneline Cookware hot to sear the perfect steak, or create that delicious stir fry without any fats or oils while cooking. The natural oil in the stone from seasoning keeps your Stoneline Cookware completely non-stick. Using a low temperature oil it will just burn away out of the stone in the surface and can start to limit the non-stick capabilities of the cookware. 

A high temperature oil for seasoning will maintain your original Stoneline Cookware in the best possible condition and ensure you can cook all your favourite meals without using any fats or oils while cooking. 

For further information on getting the most from your Stoneline Cookware and information on seasoning check out our care and use instructions here. 

Don't be fooled by a name - 13th Feb 2014

Don't be fooled by a name Recently a number of customers have contacted us confused by all these brands in the market using 'stone' as part of their cookware name (Flavorstone, Stonewell, Greystone to name a few). While we are flattered that these other companies want to try and copy the original Stoneline Cookware none of these other brands of cookware are associated with us and we cannot confirm the quality of what they sell. We recommend you check the brand you are buying first and all original Stoneline Cookware comes with our holographic sticker on the box to ensure you are buying an original product.

Stoneline Australia has been providing you the original Stoneline Cookware for over 6 years and our cookware is still lasting the test of time in households across Australia. With an extensive range of cookware including oven roasters, baking trays, and including our new PROFESSIONAL series there is cookware to suit every household. Plus all our Stoneline Cookware comes with our Stoneline 12 year guarantee.

Don't be fooled into thinking you are getting the same high quality of the original Stoneline Cookware by these other brands that look similar or try to confuse you with a similar brand name to the original Stoneline.
Don't be fooled into getting a set of cookware they say will serve your entire family when the pan can barely fit a large fillet of steak.

Don't be fooled by the offer of a guarantee that ends up having so many exclusions the only time the cookware is covered under the guarantee is right up until you take it out of the box.

We recommend you purchase the original Stoneline Cookware from Stoneline Australia to ensure you receive quality, in a range of sizes and deals to suit your needs, and all comes backed by our full Stoneline 12 year guarantee.

NEW 21 Piece "Superbox" Set- Save $60 during February only! - 3rd Feb 2014

Stoneline 21 Piece Superbox Set Complete your kitchen with the new Stoneline 21 Piece "Superbox" Set - the largest Stoneline Combo available.

Whether you are baking or cooking a delicious roast for the family, this fabulous large set contains everything you need for healthy, fat free cooking.

Purchase the Stoneline 21 Piece "Superbox" during the month of February and save $60. For full details see our 'Combo Deals' category or click here

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