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Brisbane Courier Mail Home Show this weekend! - 24th Feb 2015

Brisbane Courier Mail Home Show this weekend! This one's a biggie, and we here at Stoneline can't wait to see you all there!

The 2015 Brisbane Courier Mail Home Show is always a fantastic event for all involved. Based at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre and open Thursday 26th to Sunday 29th Feb; this is an event not to be missed.

Need a new cookware set? Come and check out our unique range of the original crushed stone German designed Stoneline Cookware. Visit our stand this weekend and you could receive special discounts from our friendly agents - prices not available online!

For all inquiries, contact Stoneline Cookware here

Love is in the air with a Stoneline Cookware Special this weekend - 12th Feb 2015

Love is in the air with a Stoneline Cookware Special this weekend

Stoneline Valentines Day Special

Love is in the air <3

Celebrate with the Romantic Ruby Red 28cm Gourmet Fry Pan

Normally $169
Valentines Special $139

Read more and take advantage of this Stoneline special here

Stoneline Care & Use infomation - 10th Feb 2015

Stoneline Care & Use infomation It never hurts to re-read Stoneline Care & Use information -especially if you have had your Stoneline Cookware for over a year as we update these details frequently to ensure you get the best use out of your cookware for years to come.

As you do not need to cook with any fats or oils in your Stoneline Cookware you need to pay particular attention to the heat you are cooking at as it can be difficult to tell how hot the surface is. Stoneline is a great conductor of heat so you do not need to go above 1/2 (gas or induction), to 2⁄3 (ceramic or electric) heat setting. If you choose to use any fats/oils while cooking use only high temperature oils (recommend Rice Bran, Grape Seed or Avocado oil). Low temperature oils are not designed to be used for cooking, burn at low temperatures and burning oil can clog the stone surface.

Always use on the right size element. When using on ceramic/glass top hobs ensure the base (and the hob) is clean and there are no particles/damage on the base as this could damage the hob surface. Do not slide the cookware around on the hob and always lift the cookware to move it.

Never leave an empty pan on a hot element, or heat excessively before using. Do not leave a pan that is in use unattended. Never put hot cookware straight into cold water as it may cause the cookware surface to crack.

To prolong the life of your Stoneline Cookware we recommend using only silicone, wood or similar utensils. Do not use any metal utensils, implements or electrical appliances in Stoneline Cookware as with enough force these can damage the stone surface or shorten the life of your cookware. Do not cut anything on the stone surface as this may result in some damage, same as if you cut into any non-stick surface.

Using in the Oven
All Stoneline Cookware with black handles are oven safe up to 180˚ Celsius in the oven. Avoid exposing the black handles to naked flames or directly under an element as the temperatures will exceed the maximum 180˚ Celsius and damage the handle. All Stoneline Cookware with Stainless Steel or Aluminium handles are oven safe up to 220˚ Celsius.

If you place a pan in the oven to grill, eg. grill the top of a Frittata, we recommend placing tinfoil over the handles to protect them.

Like all non-stick cookware, we do not recommend putting Stoneline in the dishwasher because of the harsh detergents. Because Stoneline is so easy to clean, we recommend hand washing with a nylon brush or “Scotchbrite” type cleaning pad, or simply wipe out with a paper towel.

If you use any detergents please remember these are designed to dissolve oil and repeated washing will dissolve the natural oil in the stone surface. If feel your Stoneline Cookware is losing its natural non-stick feeling or you regularly clean your cookware with detergents you need to re-season your cookware. Take a paper towel and wipe a teaspoon of high temperature oil over the surface while cold. Wipe out any excess oil. This will re-season your cookware.

Happy cooking from all of us at Stoneline, for further orders or inquiries feel free to contact us.

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