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Stoneline 13 Piece Set "The Big Box"

WX10865 Stoneline 13 Piece Set

Stoneline 13 Piece Set - All you will ever need in your kitchen

The 'Big Box' is a fantastic total set

The Stoneline 13 Piece Set contains a complete set of Stoneline Cookware for your entire kitchen. Buying the individual Stoneline pieces separately would cost you in excess of $1300 but here you can get the complete boxed set for under $1000. 

Purchase the 13 Piece Set today and receive the Healthy Baking Mat absolutely FREE.

But wait, there's more! With any purchase of the Stoneline 13 Piece Set you can receive the Excalibur Knife Block Set for only $249 (usually $299) - saving you $50!

The Stoneline 13 Piece Set includes:

1 x 18cm Pot                              1 x 20cm Pot      
Diameter: 18cm                         Diameter: 20cm
Height:     9.3cm                         Height:     9.5cm
Capacity:     2.0L                        Capacity:     2.6L

1 x 24cm Pot                                1 x 28cm Pot
Diameter: 24cm                          Diameter: 28cm
Height:   11.5cm                          Height:   13.5cm
Capacity:     4.5L                          Capacity:     7.0L

1 x 20cm Fry Pan                         1 x 24cm Saute Pan
Diameter: 20cm                           Diameter: 24cm
Height:     4.1cm                           Height:     6.0cm   

1 x 32cm Fry Pan                         1 x 28cm Square Roaster
Diameter: 32cm                           Diameter: 28cm x 28cm
Height: 5.5cm                               Height:      7.6cm

5 x Glass lids (18cm, 20cm, 24cm, 28cm, and 28cm x 28cm square roaster lid)

All this and of course any Stoneline Cookware purchased through our website comes with FREE SHIPPING.

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