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Stoneline 13 Piece Set "The Big Box"

WX10865 Stoneline 13 Piece Set

Stoneline 13 Piece Set - All you will ever need in your kitchen

The 'Big Box' is a fantastic total set

The Stoneline 13 Piece Set contains a complete set of Stoneline Cookware for your entire kitchen. Buying the individual Stoneline pieces separately would cost you in excess of $1300 but here you can get the complete boxed set for under $1000. 

But wait, there's more! With any purchase of the Stoneline 13 Piece Set you can receive the Excalibur Knife Block Set for only $249 (usually $299) - saving you $50!

The Stoneline 13 Piece Set includes:

1 x 18cm Pot                              1 x 20cm Pot      
Diameter: 18cm                         Diameter: 20cm
Height:     9.3cm                         Height:     9.5cm
Capacity:     2.0L                        Capacity:     2.6L

1 x 24cm Pot                                1 x 28cm Pot
Diameter: 24cm                          Diameter: 28cm
Height:   11.5cm                          Height:   13.5cm
Capacity:     4.5L                          Capacity:     7.0L

1 x 20cm Fry Pan                         1 x 24cm Saute Pan
Diameter: 20cm                           Diameter: 24cm
Height:     4.1cm                           Height:     6.0cm   

1 x 32cm Fry Pan                         1 x 28cm Square Roaster
Diameter: 32cm                           Diameter: 28cm x 28cm
Height: 5.5cm                               Height:      7.6cm

5 x Glass lids (18cm, 20cm, 24cm, 28cm, and 28cm x 28cm square roaster lid)

All this and of course any Stoneline Cookware purchased through our website comes with FREE SHIPPING.

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